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EU Free Movement – the law

Excellent article analysing the legality of changing EU free movement of people. Please read the full article. I report some extracts: “The central proposal of Open Europe today is that newly-arrived EU citizens should be denied equal treatment as regards out-of-work or … Continue reading

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Migration & Offshoring do not displace native workers

From the LSE Blog: “The standard narrative on immigration and offshoring is that these practices uniformly harm American workers by providing cheap, alternative sources of labor. Using data taken from U.S. manufacturing industries between 2000 and 2007, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Giovanni … Continue reading

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Labour market integration of migrants in Europe

The Migration Policy Institute‘s project evaluates the ease with which foreign-born workers within the European Union are able to establish themselves in destination-country labour markets during the first decade after arrival. The research evaluates the conditions under which new immigrants … Continue reading

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The return of the English

From an article by Professor Ben Gidley appeared on Politics Inspires based on his research (concise report here): “The 2011 Census included a national identity question. It showed that, in England, Englishness is the predominant national identity, expressed by two thirds … Continue reading

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A EU benefit system instead? European Court of Justice rules against ‘benefit tourism’

The European Court of Justice, in its infinite lack of wisdom and foresight, has ruled that an unemployed Romanian citizen in Germany had no automatic right to unemployment benefits. The subject of benefits to migrants is very contentious across the EU. … Continue reading

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Refugees in the EU

Ambassador of Sweden, Staffan Herrström, was right in claiming that the EU would have 100.000 more refugees if every Member State received as many per capita as Sweden does. FactCheckEU crunches the numbers here. “While the USA took in more than 50,000 … Continue reading

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Migrants and the public purse

In this article, Ian Preston, Professor of Economics at the University College London, writes on the research undertaken on “the effects of immigration on the wages and employment of natives in the host country (for example, Friedberg and Hunt 1995; Manacorda … Continue reading

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