ONS stats on migrants

The ONS has just published six facts on migrants to England and Wales.

    • Of those born in China, the USA and Poland who were resident in the UK, a larger proportion arrived in the UK in 2007-11 than other non-UK born groups.
    • Jamaican and Bangladeshi-born residents were far more likely to report UK identities than their Irish and Polish-born counterparts.
    • Almost 9 in 10 non-UK born residents could speak English ‘well’ or ‘very well’.
    • Polish-born residents had higher levels of employment than any other non-UK or UK- born residents.ons
    • Recent arrivals to the UK aged 16+ were more likely to have at least some form of qualification than those who have been here longer.
    • ons2American-born residents aged 16+ ranked highest among non-UK born residents for degree level or above qualifications, whilePolish-born top ‘other’, including vocational, qualifications.


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