Refugees in the EU

Ambassador of Sweden, Staffan Herrström, was right in claiming that the EU would have 100.000 more refugees if every Member State received as many per capita as Sweden does. FactCheckEU crunches the numbers here.

“While the USA took in more than 50,000 UNHCR resettled refugees in 2012 (two-thirds of the total), the EU took in just 4,405 (6.4% of the total). Of this total, Sweden accepted 1,483, equivalent to a third of all UNHCR quota refugees resettled in the EU in 2012. The UK was second with 989.

“In 2013, the Swedish government vouched to take in 1,900 refugees. This is equivalent to 0.02% of its population, or one UNHCR quota refugee per 5,000 inhabitants. The proportion for the EU as a whole was 0.001%, equivalent to one refugee accepted per 100,000 inhabitants. [Our population data is drawn from the World Bank and all calculations made for this fact-check are available here].

“Refugees in Sweden account for 1.19% of its population; only Malta has a higher ratio (2.34%), with a much smaller population. Refugees in the EU as a whole are but 0.19% of total population.”

To check more facts about the EU, see

Indeed if every EU country was as welcoming as Sweden in terms of UNHCR quota refugees, their total would multiply by a factor of nearly twenty, from just over 5,100 places currently to 100,370.

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