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The economic benefits of legal migration in the EU

Here is the European Commission’s agenda on migration. Advertisements

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Economic Benefits of Open Borders

Here is a must-read article by Philippe Legrain on the New York Times. A few key points: When borders are open, migration is circular rather than permanent, as shown by the relatively low levels of migration from Eastern Europe when … Continue reading

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How to tackle refugee crises

The Migration Policy Institute has just released the report Rethinking Global Protection for refugees. The report argues that new policies and tools are needed to tackle the increase in refugee crises. It states: “The governments of western industrialized countries are … Continue reading

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Brexit is unlikely to curb migration

Professor Hein de Haas from the International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford has a great post assessing the evidence of whether a possible ‘Brexit’ would lead do a decrease in the levels of migration. Here are some highlights: “The … Continue reading

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Migrants and Housing in the UK

Key points from the Migration Observatory‘s briefing on migrants and housing in the UK: The foreign-born population has significantly lower ownership rates (43% were home owners in 2013) than the UK-born (69%). The foreign-born population is almost three times as … Continue reading

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Migration and Welfare Benefits

Highlights from a summary of the facts on migrants’ access to benefits by Madeleine Sumption and William Allen of the Migration Observatory in collaboration with Full Fact. Most non-EEA nationals who are subject to immigration control are not allowed access to “public … Continue reading

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