How to tackle refugee crises

The Migration Policy Institute has just released the report Rethinking Global Protection for refugees.

The report argues that new policies and tools are needed to tackle the increase in refugee crises. It states:

“The governments of western industrialized countries are spending huge amounts of money on systems that are not producing the results—in terms of safety, security (both personal and national), protection of human rights, and economic advancement—desired by their citizens as well as by displaced people.”

The report highlights two promising approaches to strengthen the system:

“One involves integrating development programming with the traditional care-and-maintenance models of protection to empower refugees to use their skills and energies to provide for their own livelihoods, by granting them the right to work—in cooperation with host communities.

“The second approach would open channels of international mobility that might include labor migration schemes, family reunification with relatives already settled elsewhere, and international study and training programs, which would help refugees achieve both security and self-sufficiency. Incorporating development and mobility approaches to protection into international cooperative efforts could prove to be an effective way to create a more sustainable and dynamic response to forcible displacement.”

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