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The perilous journey of asylum seekers to the EU

The BBC reports that this year, 63,000 migrants have reached Greece and 62,000 Italy. 1,865 died in the crossing, mostly trying to get to Italy. Last year, 3,279 people died. “The largest migrant group by nationality in 2015 is Syrians – … Continue reading

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Population increase and decrease in the EU

(only available in German) Population change from 2001 to 2011 – Red: increase – Blue: decrease

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Migration, Mexico, and the US

It’s always worth remembering that many parts of what now is the US were part of Mexico in the past. As I mentioned in a previous post, before 1965 immigration law was based on ‘racial/national’ discrimination. Based on immigration flows from … Continue reading

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The difficulty of migrating to the US legally

How difficult is it to migrate to the US?

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Maps of migration to the US

Here you can find 37 beautiful maps explaining migration to the US. A few points: The US have the highest absolute number of migrants than any other country at 19.8%, according to a UN Report based on 2005 data. In … Continue reading

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UN accuses Australia of violating the human rights of asylum seekers

Australia is systematically violating the international Convention Against Torture (CAT) by detaining children in immigration detention, and holding asylum seekers in dangerous and violent conditions on Manus Island, a United Nations report has found. ” the Government of Australia, by … Continue reading

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Where are Syrian refugees? Hans Rosling’s video

Here is Professor Hans Rosling showing to which countries Syrian refugees have fled. DATA SOURCES

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