The perilous journey of asylum seekers to the EU

The BBC reports that this year, 63,000 migrants have reached Greece and 62,000 Italy. 1,865 died in the crossing, mostly trying to get to Italy. Last year, 3,279 people died.

“The largest migrant group by nationality in 2015 is Syrians – more than 8,800. Then come migrants from Eritrea (more than 3,300) and Somalia (more than 2,900). Many of the others are sub-Saharan Africans.” Below is the map of migration routes from the BBC.



In 2014, Frontex detected 280,000 people border-crossing and 441,780 illegal stay. 161,309 third-country nationals were returned. The rise in people making the journey is the result of the crisis in Syria. Here you can access the report from Frontex.

“The number of asylum claims in the EU rose to 626,065 in 2014, up from 435,190 in 2013, the European Commission reports. … In 2014 the number of applicants from Syria more than doubled, compared with 2013, reaching 123,000.”

For more figures and explanation of the Dublin Regulation governing EU asylum system, please check the BBC report.


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