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Maps of migration to the US

Here you can find 37 beautiful maps explaining migration to the US. A few points: The US have the highest absolute number of migrants than any other country at 19.8%, according to a UN Report based on 2005 data. In … Continue reading

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Ancient Rome’s pragmatism on migration and citizenship

Ursula Rothe reminds us of the pragmatism of ancient Rome in matters of immigration and citizenship. “In 48 AD, a discussion took place in the Roman Senate concerning the admittance of members of the Gallic aristocracy to the venerable body. According to … Continue reading

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Migration in Europe

Who are the immigrants? Why do people (im)migrate? Why is immigration important in those economies with ageing populations? What is the effect of immigration on public finances? What do Europeans think about migration? Using only data and analysis from international … Continue reading

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How migrants feel

Ian Dunt reports on research from Migrant Voice on how migrants feel about the migration debate in the UK

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EU – UK migration

Jonathan Portes analyses the feasibility of curtailing EU migration to the UK and whether it should be done.

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Migration fears across the EU

Writers from the Guardian, Le Monde, El País, Süddeutsche Zeitung and La Stampa address some common claims about migration and assess whether they are true in their country

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Attitudes to migration

From The Economist A report by the Migration Observatory of the University of Oxford found that public opinion in Britain is more strongly opposed to immigration than public opinion in other comparable European and North American countries. Approximately ¾ of people … Continue reading

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