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Review shows EU not interfering

The European Union Committee of the House of Lords, chaired by former Tory minister Lord Boswell, cleared the EU of interfering excessively in any aspect of British life. The Committee accused government ministers to have tried to cover up the findings. … Continue reading

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Ancient Rome’s pragmatism on migration and citizenship

Ursula Rothe reminds us of the pragmatism of ancient Rome in matters of immigration and citizenship. “In 48 AD, a discussion took place in the Roman Senate concerning the admittance of members of the Gallic aristocracy to the venerable body. According to … Continue reading

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A Question of Citizenship: Civil and Human Rights of Pregnant Women in the US

The debate in the US about abortion often obfuscates fundamental issues of human and civil rights. To consider a fetus a person means endowing the fetus with rights and protections that can and will clash with other people’s rights. By conflating … Continue reading

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The return of the English

From an article by Professor Ben Gidley appeared on Politics Inspires based on his research (concise report here): “The 2011 Census included a national identity question. It showed that, in England, Englishness is the predominant national identity, expressed by two thirds … Continue reading

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A EU benefit system instead? European Court of Justice rules against ‘benefit tourism’

The European Court of Justice, in its infinite lack of wisdom and foresight, has ruled that an unemployed Romanian citizen in Germany had no automatic right to unemployment benefits. The subject of benefits to migrants is very contentious across the EU. … Continue reading

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EU migration to the UK

Concise article by the Migration Observatory (University of Oxford) on EU migration to the UK based on official data and research:

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Conference: Societies Beyond Borders? New Perspectives in Transnational Studies

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE to be held at the UNIVERSITY OF PARIS 3 – SORBONNE NOUVELLE, INSTITUT DU MONDE ANGLOPHONE SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2015 Over the past quarter century, a broad range of social phenomena long examined by researchers largely or exclusively within … Continue reading

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