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Economic Benefits of Open Borders

Here is a must-read article by Philippe Legrain on the New York Times. A few key points: When borders are open, migration is circular rather than permanent, as shown by the relatively low levels of migration from Eastern Europe when … Continue reading

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EU policies on migration

The article¬†explains current efforts by the European Commission to deal with migration and asylum, including the EU Blue Card for high-skilled employment. It highlights the policies pursued by Member States that frustrate common migration policy and practices.  

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EU – UK migration

Jonathan Portes analyses the feasibility of curtailing EU migration to the UK and whether it should be done.

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The global race for talent

The global race for talent: Europe’s migration challenge. Opinion piece from the economic Think Tank Bruegel

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Why I left the Liberal Democrats – Migration

On the 5th of March 2013 I wrote to Nick Clegg urging him to speak in favour of migration instead of ignoring the research. I left the Lib Dems soon after once I realised that they were not interested in … Continue reading

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