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Does foreign-aid deter migration?

A policy paper from the Center for Global Development suggests that foreign-aid increases the likelihood of migration from developing countries. Aid agencies can play a vital role in shaping migration by making it beneficial for all involved. Economic development in … Continue reading

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The true effect of migration: growth, higher wages, lower taxes

Closing borders does NOT reduce migration: Closing borders, as also shown in a report by the UK Home Office, would have the effect of diminishing circular EU migration. EU migrants, now able to go to another country, go back to their country of … Continue reading

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Effect of migration on wages

As shown by Jonathan Portes, the estimated impact of migration on wages of people in semi-skilled and unskilled services (care homes, bars, restaurants, shops, cleaning etc.) is smaller than previously thought. The finding comes from the paper, entitled, “The impact … Continue reading

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The UK Coalition Government on Immigration & Asylum

From the summary of the Report by the House of Commons’ Library on the Coalition Government changes to immigration and asylum legislation, the following are some of the changes the Home Office carried out during the coalition government (2010-2015): • … Continue reading

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The economic benefits of legal migration in the EU

Here is the European Commission’s agenda on migration.

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UK jobs and migration

A recent LSE Briefing on Migration by Dr Jonathan Wadsworth shows that: “Immigrants do not account for a majority of new jobs. The immigrant share in new jobs is – and always has been – broadly the same as the share … Continue reading

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Migration & Offshoring do not displace native workers

From the LSE Blog: “The standard narrative on immigration and offshoring is that these practices uniformly harm American workers by providing cheap, alternative sources of labor. Using data taken from U.S. manufacturing industries between 2000 and 2007, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Giovanni … Continue reading

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